Zapier Integration - Automate Your Editing Process

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September 16, 2014


How would you like to save time with every interaction you have with Contentful? We thought so! That’s why we integrated with Zapier, a web automation service, so you can connect your Contentful account to over 300 different services like Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, etc. to automate your editorial processes.

There are endless ways you could use Zapier with Contentful, but to provide you with some inspiration and get you started, here are some of the ‘Zaps’ we are really excited about.

Google - Link Contentful with your Favourite Google Products

Assets - Why Waste Time Uploading Assets Manually?

Social - Automatic Social Interaction

Productivity - Set Automatic Reminders and Communicate With your Team

These were just a few of the examples that made us super excited about Zapier, but there are a ton of other opportunities for creating your custom Zaps. Head over to Zapier now and start automating your workflows today!

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