Managing Content in a World of Connected Devices

With the ongoing explosion of new devices and platforms, companies are starting to fear the challenge ahead. Managing content efficiently across these platforms is critical to create a cohesive digital presence and avoid a fragmented content team.

By understanding the technological advancements ahead and the power of an API-centered strategy, you can radically simplify your content management process while enjoying a unified presence across channels. Your prospects and clients are looking for information on their smartphones, watches, TV's and laptops, and you should be there to serve them quality content.


iBeacons are one example of incredibly powerful technology that renders legacy CMS useless and therefore prevents most companies from taking advantage of them. They use low energy proximity sensors to send specific pieces of content to any sort of smart device that comes within a certain proximity of it.

In plain English, it means that you can send highly targeted messages to your clients as they enter your store, or as they approach certain areas of your museum, airport, cruise ship, theatre... you get the idea.

Special Event in London, October 22nd

For our event in London, we’re joined by Doug Thompson, a world renowned iBeacon expert, the CEO of Dot-3 and the creator of Doug is bringing one of his forward-thinking clients, KEW Gardens, to share how they use Contentful to serve relevant information through iBeacons to the visitors of the amazing gardens.

You’ll walk away with practical knowledge about how to tap into these new technologies to create previously unseen experiences for your clients.


We will also join the discussion and share our thoughts on how to be ready for future developments in the area of connected devices and content management. Other exciting cases, including ones with Nike, Hyundai and more, will also be discussed. At the core of every one of these incredible stories is the concept of COPE. COPE, which is short for “Create Once, Publish Everywhere”, consists of 4 core principles, which, if followed, will allow you to reuse your content across any platform that exists today, or might exist in the future. The principles are:

  • Build content management systems, not web publishing tools

  • Separate content from display

  • Ensure content modularity

  • Ensure content portability

The reason you should care is that it will save you, your developers and your editors a ton of time! Instead of having multiple teams reworking the content for your mobile apps, website, and other platforms, your editorial team can focus on creating high quality content once and your development team can focus on creating great user interfaces. That’s a winning combination!

The KEW Gardens case is an incredible story of how centuries old information can be shared directly to visitors’ smart phones/watches/you name it, based on their specific location in the garden. It really encompasses a lot of what Contentful is about. Structuring your content in a modular and centralised way, separating it from any presentation layer, and ensuring that you can deliver it to any sort of device or platform.

Join Us!

Come meet Doug, the people from KEW Gardens, the Contentful team and some of the brightest people in the London technology and publishing scene. We’re offering some great industry insights, welcome drinks, some canapés, a beautiful location, and a great opportunity for networking.

There’s a limited number of seats, so do register today.

We’re excited to meet you on October 22nd at the Bankside Gallery in London.

Register for free here!

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