CASE STUDY: Creating & Maintaining The Mobile News App For Busy Commuters

October 22, 2014


Axel Springer Ideas Ventures (IDEAS) is the strategic product development and seed stage laboratory of Axel Springer, a leading European publishing company. When they were developing the KOMPAKT app, they were targeting the busy German commuter that doesn't have time to search for- and dig into lengthy stories.

The KOMPAKT app presents curated daily news in the format of micro stories, and stands out from it competitors for its radical simplicity and fresh user experience. By using Contentful, IDEAS was able to complete the app in just two months, leading to considerable financial savings. Read the full case below to find out how

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"All the traditional CMS platforms we looked at, implemented API support as an afterthought and - as a result - suffered from absolutely terrible limitations.”

Grischa Rodust, Managing Editor at KOMPAKT

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