Contentful Media Uploader: One Step Closer to Effortless Publishing

It’s difficult to imagine today’s Internet without images. Just think of Medium photo stories, Instagram selfies, Snapchat messages and Vine vignettes to name a few of the innovations we have seen in recent years.

Sadly, this spurt of innovation has evaded the more traditional corners of the online publishing world, where managing digital archives, producing meta tags, and optimizing images for mobile browsing suck up enormous amounts of time and test even the steeliest nerves.

To address some of these problems, today we launch the Contentful Media Uploader. The Media Uploader is a Mac OS app that allows editors to upload and publish assets on Contentful with a single drag-and-drop. Being a native app, the Media uploader also overcomes a lot of technical scale and performance limitations imposed by modern web browsers.

Contentful Media Uploader

The app allows you to upload up to 500 assets at a time and handles files as big as 1 GB. It comes with batch editing of titles and alt descriptions, supports a wide range of file formats and automatically publishes uploaded assets for use. All of this makes the Media Uploader a perfect tool for large-scale publishing and migrations.

Even if you only use Contentful for hosting an occasional illustration shot, the app can still come in handy, since it allows you to easily switch between spaces or locate the online URL of a specific asset. It just chugs along in the background to notify you when all of the assets are successfully uploaded.

To get started with the Media Uploader, you need to be logged into your Contentful account. The very first time you use the app, we shall ask you to link either your Dropbox account or S3 bucket to the Media Uploader app. This is done to expedite file processing during the upload process and ensures that the files you upload to Contentful can only be accessed by you. Plus you can unlink your account in the App preferences at any time in the future.

Once these steps are completed, all you need to do is select the desired space and drag-and-drop your first image.

You can download the Contentful Media Uploader for free directly from the Mac App Store. Please note that currently the App is only available on Mac OS 10.9/10.10.

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