Airpair writing contest: tell a story about Contentful, win $500

April 20, 2015


Contentful is sponsoring the technical writing contest held by Airpair. Not just a writing contest – a $100k writing contest! That's the entire prize pool, which is to be split across the winners. There's many ways to get a reward: for instance, the author of the best post receives $5k, while a post which would be shared at least 300 times is worth $150. Read about all the awards on the contest website.

We invite Contentful users to tell their stories and share the experiences. Personal narratives have the highest value. Whatever it is you've built which is related to the Contentful API – a prominent iOS app or a much requested framework – tell everyone about it. Spread the knowledge. Perhaps you came up with some breakthrough ideas on potential use cases for Contentful? We'd love to know, and so will the world.

In addition to retweets, fame and gratitude from readers, there's also a $500 bonus from us for the author of the post which we like best. As with any competition, there is certain subjectivity, but overall we'll be looking for original, relevant and well-written material. Write, publish, share, win. We’re eager to read your contributions.

Below is the list of the published posts about the Contentful API. Tweet at @contentful so that we can feature your entry here as well. Consider engaging in conversations – write a comment, leave a review. Writers do love feedback.

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