Event May-hem: this month on the road

May 9, 2016


We have this itching in our shoes for a few months now and we can't stay put. We'll be doing quite some traveling in May as well and we'd enjoy it a lot if you'd come and meet us.

San Francisco, USA: GDG Global Summit

This annual Google Developers Groups summit (May 17) brings together over 600 GDG chapter organizers from around the world. Mario Bodemann will be there, talking about GDG Berlin, Contentful, VR, immortality, quantum physics and a few other light conversation topics. You can always break the ice by asking about the weather.

Mountain View, USA: I/O 2016

May 18th should be called Droids Invasion Day. Mountain View beware: the 600+ GDGers are coming over to attend the I/O conference (May 18-20). Mario Bodemann will join them and maybe you should too.

San Francisco, USA: Signal

On May 24, Boris is talking about "API client in Swift" at Twilio's Signal conference (May 24-25). He'll start immediatly after the lunch break, so grab a coffee on your way in and postpone the siesta. Side note: the team over at Signal used Contentful to power their website — and they love it. (At least that's what Twitter told us.)

Berlin, Germany: The International PHP Conference

We'll be ending the month where our Heimat is — in Berlin, at the International PHP Conference (May 29 - June 2). Come listen Rouven's talk on June 1st, 10:45 a.m., about "Static Analysis of PHP Code", or, how he likes to put it, "How the heck did I write so many bugs?". We'll have a booth there, too — come say hi.

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