New Developer Learning Path Courses and App Marketplace integrations

It’s August already! This month, we launched two new developer-specific Contentful Learning Center courses on workflows and a pair of app integrations.
August 9, 2022



It’s August already! Can you believe it? 

This month, we launched two new developer-specific Contentful Learning Center courses on workflows and app integrations. Speaking of app integrations, Writer, an AI writing assistant and Mux, a video-streaming tool, just hit the App Marketplace. As we look deeper into the coming month, we’ll be publishing a steady stream of Developer Showcase spotlights, cohosting an ecommerce webinar alongside Algolia, and begin weekly developer livestreams.

Below are some other updates and resources we think you’ll like.

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New Contentful Learning Center courses for developers

The Contentful Learning Center’s Developer Learning Path has grown by two courses: “Running content at scale” and “Extending Contentful.” This post provides a sneak peek of the course material that’ll help you set up workflows and integrations with confidence.

Developer Showcase spotlight: Gatsby Bricks for LEGO builders

You can create almost anything using Contentful; a site created by Dan Polant, Gatsby Bricks, is a wonderful example of this. Inspired by a love of LEGO, Dan created a library of past LEGO builds. In this post, he details how he used Contentful and Gatsby to make it. 

Contentful + JavaScript starter guide

Want to learn how to build a project with JavaScript and Contentful? Developer Advocate Harshil Agrawal created the starter guide for you. If you follow along with their tutorial of how the two work together, you can build a cookbook!

How to: YouTubing in Contentful

In this post, William Iommi shared how a need for an integration that adds YouTube videos to an ecommerce application, led to a custom-built solution with the Contentful App Framework. Read all about it.

Mux app: Powerful video streaming features for Contentful

Mux is a platform that helps you create, manage, publish, and stream video content. In this post, we cover the new Mux Player, the Contentful Mux app, and how to integrate Mux and Contentful.

Writer integration: Build (and benefit) from brand consistency

We preach consistency in content, so we’re pretty excited about Writer, an AI-writing platform now available in the App Marketplace. On our blog, May Habib, Writer CEO and Co-founder, reveals how Writer helps brands unify their messaging, saving time and money. 

Migrate from Drupal 7 to Contentful in six steps

In November 2023, Drupal 7 reaches its end of life — but that doesn’t mean digital experiences supported by it have to. Companies can strategically shift to a new CMS (like Contentful) and this post lays out how to go about it.

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Building an ecommerce front-end with Algolia and Contentful

On August 11, we’re hosting a webinar with Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Algolia, Chuck Meyer. Together, we’ll teach you how Algolia and Contentful can be used to build an ecommerce site with search functionality. 

The curse of popularity: The story of GitHub Wrap

In case you missed it, we have a recording of Harshil’s July talk at FullStack eXchange. Check it out to learn how he managed a digital project that after it went viral.

Contentful developer livestreams

Join us live every Tuesday at 11 a.m. ET/5 p.m. CET for our Contentful developer stream. We’ll be building fun projects live, testing new Contentful features, and interviewing cool people. We’d love to connect and hope you drop by!

Visit our developer events page to stay up to date on future events.

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Links we like

Generative artistry

Creating art with code can be fun – it can also be intimidating. Luckily, Tim Holman created Generative Artistry which offers tutorials on how to create generative art.

Let’s create a tiny programming language

Have you ever wanted to create your own programming language? Md Shuvo shows you how to do just that in this informative article

Breaking down Netlify's new homepage

If you haven’t seen Netlify’s new homepage yet, you should — it’s impressive! In this video, Alex Trost from Front End Horse gets the scoop on the homepage redesign directly from Netlify.

Building a snack review website with Eleventy and Contentful

Need to satisfy a sweet or salty craving? Check out Melanie Richards’ international snack-ranking website that’s powered by Contentful, Eleventy, and Netlify. The scale ranges all the way from “Yum!” to “Nope.”


Improved GraphQL error messages

We improved our GraphQL API error message to include a documentation link that'll send you directly to the error details in the API documentation. Learn more about GraphQL errors in our documentation

Improved app SDK auto resizer

Previously, our app SDK auto resizer couldn’t adjust the height for absolute-positioned elements. To solve this, we added a new option that allows for such adjustments to dropdowns and elements that fall into the same category

Tags for Compose pages

Content tags can be used in Contentful to improve search, set permissions, or even indicate styling. With this update, you can manage tags from within Compose pages.

Solving the bigger problems

Join our team!

If scaling products and working on busy GraphQL endpoints is your thing, let’s talk! Costa Coffee, Rapha, EA, and thousands of other companies use Contentful daily. As we scale to support the world's leading API-first content platform, we’re hiring for these roles:

Senior Manager, Product Analytics

In this role, you'll manage a data-driven team and incorporate data throughout product development processes. You'll also dictate how to set up our analytics to inform business growth and support our understanding of how successful certain Contentful features are.

Wonder what it’s like to be a member of the Engineering team? Check out this interview where two of our engineering directors give a sneak peek into the way we work together in engineering at Contentful. 

Explore our careers page for other open roles — apply yourself or make referrals. We’d love to have you on our team!

That’s it for August!

Visit our developer portal for even more news. The portal also houses developer blog posts, videos, and tutorials.

Check out our Developer Showcase to see what developers have built with Contentful and to submit your own projects.

As always, feel free to contact us on Slack or Twitter to let us know how we can better support your awesome builds.

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