Contentful-powered Twitterbots, a Blazor code starter, Rich Text tricks and new feature releases

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June 9, 2021



Hola and happy June, Contentful community!

Normality is on its way here in Berlin! Not only is the number of vaccinated people increasing every day, it's also warm enough to have a walk in flip flops and shorts! I hope you’re enjoying the same!

This month’s newsletter is full of resources about Contentful-powered Twitterbots, a Blazor code starter, Rich Text tricks and, of course, new Contentful feature releases!

I’m also interested in what you’re building. Please share it with us — tweet @contentful what you've built using #BuiltWithContentful or reach out to me.

Let’s get into some nerdy stuff, shall we?

Exciting things from the internet

Who can use your color combinations? is a valuable tool that helps you understand how color contrast can affect people with different visual impairments. 

Client-side video encoding right in your browser

Addy Osmani released AVPress. It's an online tool that uses ffmpeg and WebAssembly to encode and optimise video files right in your browser. That's very impressive!

What's coming to CSS – a complete overview

Adam Argyle shared an extensive slide deck including all upcoming CSS features. If you're a front-end developer, these slides are time well spent!

Contentful corner

How to set up automatic Tweets using web hooks

Shy was asked how to set up a Twitter bot that automatically tweets new articles that are published in Contentful. He recorded a quick video explaining how to set up this functionality using IFTTT.

Rich Text field tips and tricks from the Contentful DevRel team

Did you know that you can use Grammarly in our Rich Text editor? No? Then Salma's recent post collecting various Rich Text tricks is perfect for you. Find this tip and others on the Contentful blog

Sending emails from within your CMS

Screenshot of email preview in Contentful web app

Jonnie Hallmann shared how he uses our App Framework to send emails right from within the Contentful web app. His solution is a beautiful service mash and includes Postmark, Vercel and Digital Ocean. Great work!

A new Contentful starter

Screenshot of the event "Fork me on Github"

Cody Anhorn worked off of Salma's Next.js starter and ported it to ASP.​NET Core Blazor. If the .NET platform is your preferred choice, this project is for you! Thank you, Cody!

Contentful tip

Screenshot of sidebar configuration interface

If you're using our GraphQL Playground app, did you know that you can configure your content model to open the playground from the entry sidebar? Head over to the content-model configuration and add it to a content model's sidebar.


Entry References API support in the JavaScript CMA SDK (v7.18.1+)

The CMA SDK now supports the new Entry References API. The Entry References API enables users to recursively collect references of an entry and their descendants (up to a depth of 10 levels) and returns the entry and its included references, similar to the Delivery API.

Releases API support in the JavaScript CMA SDK (v7.22.1+)

The CMA SDK now supports the new Releases API. The Releases API enables the grouping of multiple content entries for simultaneous publication, validation or unpublishing.

Various additions to the Scheduled Actions API

The Scheduled Actions API enables users to create actions, such as publishing and unpublishing an entry, that will be performed at a given time in the future.

Last month the following updates landed:

Stay safe, and talk with you next month!

That’s it for June! Visit our developer portal to stay up to date. It includes developer blog posts, videos and tutorials. Let us know via Slack or Twitter how we can continue to help you make awesome things. And don’t forget to show us what you've built on Twitter with #BuiltWithContentful!

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