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How DFDS lost its head: Digital transformation and content management at scale, part one

We decided to replace our sluggish, traditional CMS with Contentful — a headless, API-first CMS. This gave us a way to structure our content for distribution across multiple channels in 22 languages. We went from siloed content and slow time-to-market speeds to quickly deploying content for new languages and campaigns.

In a series of blog posts, I’ll describe how we use Contentful to build automation that helps us create and manage reusable content on a large scale. This first post gives an overview of our digital transformation.

Aleks Dubinskiy, on Feb 27, 2020
Header image for blog post: Under the hood of the App Framework

Under the hood of Contentful's App Framework

Contentful’s just-released App Framework changes how you extend Contentful and integrate external services. Learn what changed in the platform and how it will make it easier for you to roll out custom editing experiences to your team.

Amelia Winger-Bearskin, on Feb 26, 2020
Blog post header for App Framework launch

Launching the App Framework: Assemble and scale your digital experience stack

Today, we’re launching the App Framework — the building blocks for assembling a digital experience stack that’s agile and future-proof. Find out what makes Contentful apps different and how they help you create better, more connected digital experiences.

Benjamin Keyser & Frederik Lölhöffel, on Feb 25, 2020
Person reading eBook.

Our latest eBook is now available! Customizing Contentful: A Developer’s Guide

Contentful’s latest eBook is now available. Customizing Contentful guides developers through advanced content modeling strategies and third-party integrations, helping you take your digital projects even further.

Will Robinson, on Feb 21, 2020

Sales the Contentful way: Trust and mutual success

You’ll find the Contentful sales team is full of people who are ready to partner with customers in a genuine, back-and-forth relationship. It’s a team that values honesty and transparency above all else. One of these people is Stefan Seferović, a Contentful sales old-timer. We sat down with him to talk about how Contentful approaches sales and learn about how he makes the sales process as human as possible.

Stefan Seferović, on Feb 18, 2020


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