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Bang & Olufsen increased their e-commerce conversion rate by 60%. Here’s how.

The luxury audio-visual brand Bang & Olufsen redesigned their e-commerce infrastructure and digital experiences with Contentful. The results will knock your headphones off.

Kiersten Thamm, on Aug 12, 2019

Everybody’s arguing about headless. Here’s what we know.

There’s quite a commotion about the topic of headless Content Management Systems (CMSes). It’s turned into a healthy debate over some central questions: What qualifies as a headless CMS? Do headless CMSes cater to non-technical users? Is it possible to accomplish similar goals with a traditional CMS? What’s the deal with structured content and headless CMSes?

Kiersten Thamm, on Aug 7, 2019

Build content-rich progressive web apps with Gatsby and Contentful

We have a pretty simple goal at Contentful: to make your life easier as a developer. While we would like to hand-deliver every one of you a cheeseburger and fries, and maybe throw in a shoulder massage –– computer neck, anyone?–– we're not quite able to do so.

This course just might be the equivalent.

Khaled Garbaya, on Aug 5, 2019

Fly lighter with static sites: a packing list

Static sites are gaining popularity for good reason. With static sites, content is pre-built and served without calls to a database, so you get a lot of benefits: faster load times, simplicity, lower cost and few dependencies. We’ve written a lot about static sites over the last couple of years to help you on your way. Read on for a packing list of resources to get started, or learn some new ways to stretch its capabilities.

Liz Osterloh, on Jul 26, 2019

What everyone needs to know about localization with Locaria

International brands require a more nuanced approach to language across markets. It’s tempting to brush off localization as a simple translation job. Take English. Make it French... and you’re done. The truth is that international brands require a more nuanced approach to language across markets.

In this article, Contentful and Locaria come together to talk about some of the common mistakes that teams make with localization, and how to avoid them.

Lindsay Hong, on Jul 25, 2019


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