Image showcasing web accessibility functionality of laptops

Why you should be thinking about web accessibility

If you stop putting accessibility in the "nice to have" or afterthought category, you stop seeing it as a niche problem. Instead, it inspires a whole host of good things –– imagination, empathy, thoughtfulness and creative problem-solving.

Jo Fraser, on Apr 14, 2020
Contentful professional building a website

Build safer, better, faster with Contentful’s onboarding experts

Transformational digital experiences begin with a solid foundation. The onboarding offerings from Contentful’s solution services team help you establish the right architecture and content strategy to help teams succeed as you grow. By partnering with us, your team can apply best practices to build the right foundation for your content platform as you kick off new projects — building confidence, reducing risk and helping accelerate time to value as you deliver engaging digital experiences.

Will Robinson & Arjun Ganesh, on Apr 9, 2020
Person climbing a ladder to becoming a Contentful certified professional

Becoming a Contentful Certified Professional

I do not test well, but I do see the value in professional certifications. So I gave our own Contentful Certified Professional Exam a try and am here to report back.

Amelia Winger-Bearskin, on Apr 7, 2020
Contentful App Framework features to boost productivity

Deep work with Contentful: How to be productive in scattered times

If you’re a marketer, editor, or content creator who is working with a lot of content, things can get tricky, fast. You probably can’t just narrow in on a single piece of work. More likely, you’re having to move between screens, tabs, programs, software, and platforms — not to mention in-person meetings, Zoom calls and your kind-hearted (but sometimes ill-timed) deskmate reaching across to borrow a phone charger. Some studies suggest interruptions can consume as much as 28% of your day.

Jo Fraser, on Apr 6, 2020
Person editing one digital experience out of an infitine number

Optimizely and Contentful’s partnership helps teams deliver better digital experiences

Optimizely's experimentation platform has helped marketers, developers and product managers deliver over 700 billion experiences tailored to the needs of their customers. Learn how the Optimizely team’s use of Contentful has improved its own content operations and helped them deliver better digital experiences.

Leslie McCollom, on Apr 2, 2020


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