Uploading files directly to Contentful

We taught our Content Management API a new trick, one that you might really like: uploading files directly to Contentful.

Benjamin Knofe , on Mar 2, 2017

Sketch your designs with production data

In the first article of our "Pushing content to unexpected places" series, Stefan Judis shares his experience with building a Sketch plugin that connects to Contentful.

Stefan Judis , on Feb 15, 2017

Don't stop me now: improvements we shipped in November, December, and January

We worked on making Contentful the smoothest experience for developers and editor alike, and here's what we've come up with.

Davide Borsatto , on Feb 13, 2017

The global object in JavaScript: a matter of platforms, unreadable code and not breaking the internet

When I started programming one of the first things that I learned was that I should avoid the usage of global variables whenever possible. Personally, I think there’s a finite number of situations where I’d consider placing something in the global object. So when I discovered a new TC39 proposal whose aim is to add a new global property to access the global object in Javascript, I was puzzled yet intrigued, and I had to look into it.

Stefan Judis , on Jan 16, 2017

Building a Contentful Slack bot in the cloud with Gomix

After Gomix was announced, I just knew I had to try to build something with it! This is how I was able to write a functional Slack bot in less than 200 lines of JS code.

Stefan Judis , on Dec 20, 2016


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