Engineering at Contentful - Part 1

This post is part one of a series on Engineering at Contentful. We hope to set the scene in this first post with how engineering has evolved from the earliest days—in many ways, typical of a technology startup—through to the current day with a company of over 100 people.

Oliver Hookins, on Sep 7, 2017

From the community: visualize your content model

Visualizing content models is not always easy. But thanks to the contentful-graph package, getting a visual overview of your content models and how they connect to each other is easier than ever before.

Stefan Judis, on Aug 8, 2017

Meet our new CLI tool — your automation friend

We have created a CLI tool to make automation easier. You can use the tool to automate tasks like managing your delivery access tokens and creating new spaces. This is an early release and we'll continuously be adding more features.

Robert Svensson, on Jul 19, 2017

Getting to know the Discovery App 2.0

The Discovery App 2.0 is a React-based app that you can use to explore your spaces and their content. Whether you are a content creator or a developer, the app is useful for day-to-day content debugging. In this article, I will walk you through some of its useful features.

Khaled Garbaya, on Jul 12, 2017

Changes to pricing plans

We're overhauling our pricing plans, the free tier now comes with extra goodies and you will have more control over the cost of running your projects on the paid plans.

Chris Schagen, on Jul 10, 2017


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