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Girls’ Day 2019: welcoming the next generation of women to Contentful

Contentful participated in Girls' Day, an event aimed at encouraging more girls and women to consider careers in tech.

Maria Valatkaite, on Apr 9, 2019

How to create a blog using Nuxt.js and Contentful

The Nuxt.js framework and Contentful can be used to quickly create sophisticated and efficient blogs. Nuxt.js, developed over the VueJS platform, provides server-side rendering, which gives bloggers access to valuable SEO content.

Krissanawat Kaewsanmuang, on Apr 5, 2019
optimize digital editorial workflow lead

Best practices for optimizing your digital editorial workflow

As companies migrate their workflows to become increasingly digital, content design and editorial needs are also changing. Companies need to reimagine how they work with content and deliver it to users.

Maria Valatkaite, on Apr 4, 2019

Contentful is more secure than ever: our path to ISO certification

It’s not enough to say that you take security seriously. You either live it daily, or you don’t. The challenge of implementing security in startups is nothing new. How do you grow the business and invest in the right projects while maintaining customer trust?

Felipe Coe, on Mar 29, 2019

Why your content management system is driving away top talent

Your website is the frontline when it comes to competing for customers. But what many organizations don’t realize is that it’s also competing for talent to develop and maintain it. An outdated, faulty or slow website can turn away potential talent at first glance. And for those that do bring talent through the door, a site built on legacy infrastructure can be a dealbreaker.

Chris Schagen, on Mar 27, 2019


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