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Keep your deployments on track: Contentful now has seamless promotion and rollbacks

DevOps principles make development teams more effective. But when it comes to content model changes, it’s historically been difficult to reconcile these principles with your CMS. Now, with the release of environment aliases, we’ve created a simple way to clone environments, promote an environment to production, and roll back changes.

Artas Bartas, on Jan 14, 2020
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Winning organic search with the help of Contentful’s rich text

Organic search helps your organization grow, especially when you're a little cash strapped. If you can’t compete against those in the market paying for ads, you need to appear first underneath them in search results. This guide is a starting point for maximizing the effectiveness of content to win that number-one spot.

Mark Hansen, on Jan 13, 2020
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What digital marketers, writers and editors need to know when going headless

From the point of view of digital marketers and content creators, the switch to a headless CMS can be daunting — new systems to learn and nearly too many new opportunities to explore. I made this transition myself, and I’m here to help you become friends with your new headless CMS.

Tuija Riekkinen, on Jan 9, 2020
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Creating greater reliability: CoreDNS-nodecache

Ongoing issues in the Linux kernel's UDP connection tracking have caused well-documented challenges with DNS. Bugs particularly affect DNS in Kubernetes in its default configuration; we saw elevated rates of DNS timeouts that seemed to increase with load on our clusters. A Kubernetes extension called node-local helped alleviate some issues, but presented its own challenges. To solve the remaining problems, we developed a new implementation of node-local as a CoreDNS plugin: coreDNS-nodecache.

Yann Hamon & Karthik Viswanathan, on Jan 7, 2020
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Behind the design system: Forma 36

An interview with the team that developed Contentful's open-source design system, Forma 36.

Sara Kalinoski, on Jan 6, 2020


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