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Everything you need to know about GraphQL

Over the past few years, we’ve talked a lot about GraphQL’s impact on the way digital products are built. We released our own GraphQL Content API at the end of 2018, and our users agree: GraphQL makes everyone’s life easier — from content creators to backend engineers. Here’s a roundup of articles from our blog on the possibilities, creative uses and future of GraphQL APIs and our own GraphQL Content API.

Kiersten Thamm, on Jun 20, 2019

The retail disconnect: Content is currency in retail, but retailers are wasting it

Ecommerce companies are wrestling with how to deploy content across all of their digital channels. I’ve seen this consulting with retailers of all sorts — ranging from global ecommerce giants to specialty fashion retailers and big box stores.

Alyssa Meritt, on Jun 18, 2019

Getting started with Contentful UI Extensions: Part 1

Contentful has a handful of extension points, where in a straightforward and simple manner, you can extend the editorial experience with minimal development effort. In this series of posts I'll show you some examples.

Allan Thraen, on Jun 17, 2019

Build a website using Nuxt and Contentful : a step by step guide

As a frontend developer, working with static site generators and serverless architecture is a joy. We can create very powerful and amazing applications which we can also server-side render.

This article aims to give you a step by step guide for building a very basic website using Nuxtjs and Contentful — including a simple Vuex example.

Nicky Christensen, on Jun 14, 2019

Tech giants are investing in digital transformation: you should too

This was a week marked by two huge tech acquisitions. Google is buying data analytics company Looker for $2.6 billion in a move to bolster their cloud computing offering – and keep up with their rivals. This comes off the back of another major transaction; Salesforce will acquire Tableau, an analytics platform which specializes in interactive data visualization. Digital transformation is firmly here — it’s not just for early adopters, startups or the technologically curious.

Jo Fraser, on Jun 13, 2019


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