Contentful is more secure than ever: our path to ISO certification

It’s not enough to say that you take security seriously. You either live it daily, or you don’t. The challenge of implementing security in startups is nothing new. How do you grow the business and invest in the right projects while maintaining customer trust?

Felipe Coe, on Mar 29, 2019

Why your content management system is driving away top talent

Your website is the frontline when it comes to competing for customers. But what many organizations don’t realize is that it’s also competing for talent to develop and maintain it. An outdated, faulty or slow website can turn away potential talent at first glance. And for those that do bring talent through the door, a site built on legacy infrastructure can be a dealbreaker.

Chris Schagen, on Mar 27, 2019
optimizely and contentful blog lead image

Building a modern marketing stack at Optimizely: content management

Optimizely recently launched a refreshed visual design of the marketing website that showcases our new brand identity across several key areas of the site. While most people notice the visual changes to the website, in this blog post series, I want to focus on the systems redesign we have undergone for the past two years to build experimentation into the DNA of our marketing stack. After all, the #1 question I am asked is how our team uses Optimizely on our own website. It’s actually a pretty interesting story.

Bradley Taylor, on Mar 20, 2019
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Unlock a better way to work with Contentful’s content infrastructure

Contentful is more than a content solution or a development tool. It changes the way you work, making editors, marketers, product owners and developers much happier and more productive. “It’s just another way of life,” asserts Esa McGavin, the product owner of Contentful’s website.

“I’m already forgetting how bad it used to be before Contentful,” she says adding that she doesn’t think she could go back. “If I ever left I would insist that the company use Contentful or a system like it.”

So what sets Contentful apart as a solution that both developers and content editors love?

Lisa Lozeau , on Mar 18, 2019

Every marketing team needs content operations. Here's why.

If you’re a manager of a team of editors, or an editor yourself, it won’t come as a surprise that research shows editors spend over half of their time on content operations. That’s a lot of time that could be spent creating high quality content which drives the business forward.

Content operations is a term to describe the set of processes, people and technologies for strategically planning, distributing and analyzing content. These operations are increasingly becoming a core requirement for content teams.

As an editor or manager, you’ll recognize content operations in your daily work as uploading content, updating, editing, distribution and governance. This was a very reasonable set of tasks in the early days of content marketing; posting one or two blog posts a week wasn’t a big drain on your time. Now, with huge amounts of content being created to engage keen audiences, these tasks have taken over.

Jo Fraser, on Mar 15, 2019


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