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How DevOps principles make Contentful a flexible tool (and not a wrench in your works)

When we design new features, we aim to make Contentful a tool that adapts with you, not a wrench in the works. We know that software always has an effect on how you’re able to work and can never be truly neutral, so we bet on building DevOps principles right into our platform. Richard Bausek, product manager for Developer Workflows, explains why and how we designed features around DevOps best practices.

Richard Bausek, on Jan 28, 2020

Turning Lambda@Edge into a software platform

In part two of her story about building a multi-region active-active solution for S3, infrastructure engineer Julia Biro talks about the journey of building a resilient, production-ready platform on which 20 lines of code can work wonders.

Julia Biro, on Jan 23, 2020
Andy Warhol point to a Gallery of URLs

How writing URLs correctly could make you famous

For content creators, the humble URL is often an after-thought or not a thought at all. Nail the fundamentals of URL creation, and put them into practice daily to improve your SEO. Get it wrong and pay for it with broken links and crawl errors, resulting in poor SEO and the ongoing and frustrating task of fixing them all.

Jo Fraser, on Jan 21, 2020
Space person floating near a satellite.

Contentful joins Atlassian’s ShipIt hackathon to deliver better editorial and developer experiences

In mid-November, Atlassian welcomed Contentful’s extensibility team to their quarterly hackathon, ShipIt, in their Austin, Texas office. For 24 hours, Atlassian invited everyone — from developers to administrators to illustrators — to collaborate on new projects. Engineers from Contentful and Atlassian assembled two groups with one goal: improve Contentful’s developer and content editor experience. They did just that, learning and eating massive amounts of pizza along the way.

Jakub Elzbieciak, on Jan 20, 2020
Person using computer

What digital marketers, writers and editors need to know when going headless: Part 2

Enterprises are jumping from monolithic CMSes to headless CMSes. It’s an exciting change that gives customers new ways to interact with products and services — but the switch can be challenging, especially for digital marketers who need to quickly learn how to use unfamiliar tools. I made this transition myself, and I’m here to help you make friends with your new headless CMS.

Tuija Riekkinen, on Jan 16, 2020


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