Bringing Tokusatsu to AWS using Python flask, Zappa and Contentful

I am a massive fan of the Tokusatsu genre with monster movies like Godzilla, and superhero TV shows such as Kamen Rider. In this blog post I will walk you through how to build a Tokusatsu flavored Flask app — and how to deploy it all to AWS with Zappa.

Shy ruparel bw
Shy Ruparel, on Mar 7, 2018

Patience and the right tools — the developer's guide to content modeling

Let's face it: content modeling is hard. But let me show you a few ways to make it easy and fun.

Stefan judis conf smaller square
Stefan Judis, on Mar 2, 2018
Gatsbyjsxcontentful khaled

Gatsby video tutorials: a four part video series on Gatsby and Contentful by Khaled Garbaya

Our JavaScript ecosystem developer Khaled Garbaya has created four video tutorials to walk you through how to create and deploy a website with Gatsby and Contentful.

Carolyn stransky colour
Carolyn Stransky, on Feb 28, 2018

From the community: Use All Five creates the Angular Contentful Service, a simple wrapper for contentful.js

We dive into a contentful.js wrapper for Angular designed makes life a bit easier. Plus, an interview with one of its creators.

Carolyn stransky colour
Carolyn Stransky, on Feb 13, 2018
Grandma s recipe

Chocolate cake and static sites—How I shared grandma’s amazing recipe with the world using Contentful, Python and Frozen-Flask

Nothing brings back warm childhood memories like grandma’s chocolate cake recipe. My slight alteration of her original recipe is to add a touch of Python and share it with the world through a static site.

Robert svensson bw small
Robert Svensson, on Feb 2, 2018


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