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Building a microsite publishing service with Contentful and AMP

Creating a flawless customer experience depends on the distribution of content across every touchpoint. Decoupled architecture makes this easy. In this post, we'll explore how this architecture can be implemented with node.js with express as part of our stack, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for the front end and Contentful as our backend-as-a-service.

Aye Cofalka, on Nov 22, 2019
Blog header: the state of acute malnutrition

The State of Acute Malnutrition: a hub for life-saving information, powered by Contentful

Acute malnutrition is a deadly disease that affects over 49 million children every year. The State of Acute Malnutrition is a website that provides a comprehensive overview of information related to acute malnutrition at national and global levels. For this complex material to be effective, it must be easily accessible in several languages. We quickly found that our traditional CMS wasn’t doing enough.

Anne Salter & Vini Vaid, on Nov 21, 2019
Keeping content models simpler: header for blog post

Keeping content models simpler, more reusable and powerful

When envisioning your content for any web project, it's useful to visualize your content types before getting started. What are the main bits of content that are unique? What other types are reusable? In this post, community member Allan White looks at how Datica identified their content types and leveraged the linked entries features of Contentful for running their marketing site.

Allan White, on Nov 19, 2019

What decisions do you need to make before choosing a CMS?

Have you ever watched a sports team huddle over a big play? With the game on the line they make a decision in minutes and everyone runs out to do their part. Or at least that’s how it seems. In reality, dozens of pre-game decisions have to happen. Before they step on the field, coaches have already discussed their team’s abilities, mapped out possible plays and decided who makes the final call.

Lisa Lozeau , on Nov 18, 2019

Build to scale, not to fail: how enterprises grow fast without tripping over their tools

When running fast, it’s easy to trip — many businesses struggle when success forces them to scale rapidly.

Maria Valatkaite, on Nov 13, 2019


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