Content Delivery SDK for Python

Our Python SDK is alive and kicking! Read on as we walk you through the feature set with some basic examples.

Tom Reznik , on Jan 19, 2015

Content Management SDK for Java & Android

Wearables are everywhere these days. In this post, Tom from our mobile team will show you how to create and publish entries straight from your Android Wear device using Java.

Tom Reznik , on Dec 15, 2014

Forrester features Contentful in their market overview for Web Content Management

The global research and advisory firm Forrester featured Contentful in their “Market Overview: Web Content Management For Digital Experiences” earlier this week. We are definitely the weird kid in the group and we're excited to see how different our technology and approach is from the other vendors.

Christian Blomberg , on Dec 10, 2014

Apple Watch Example App

Apple recently released the first beta development kit for their upcoming watch, called WatchKit. Being suckers for Apple hardware and craft beers, we decided to build a beer guide for it. This post will also tell you all you need to know about how to develop an app for the Apple Watch.

Boris Bügling , on Dec 9, 2014

Contentful Xcode Plugin

If you are using Contentful with Core Data in your iOS app, a painful manual step is recreating your content model inside Xcode. This is often both time consuming and prone to errors because mismatches between the two models can lead to bugs that are hard to spot. This ends today!

Boris Bügling , on Dec 1, 2014


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