Building Contentful’s team for our next chapter

By any measure, 2019 has been a phenomenal year for Contentful, surpassing expectations for growth — repeatedly — as we modernize how content flows in organizations. As pioneers and market leaders in headless CMS, we’re at the forefront of transforming how brands deliver digital experiences.

Sascha Konietzke & Paolo Negri, on Nov 7, 2019
Ada Lovelace Blog header

Reimagining futures at the Ada Lovelace Festival

My deepest apologies to my colleagues, friends and strangers who have heard me talk only about two things since the Ada Lovelace Festival: reimagining tech futures and Solid pods. Let me explain.

Kiersten Thamm, on Nov 5, 2019
Blog post header for WebP, source sets & Images API

Always look your best: WebP, source sets & Images API

A first impression is made in a split second, so it’s important that the images on your website always look their best. On the other hand, speed is crucial to usability and search engine ranking, so finding the right balance can be a real pain. With WebP, source sets & the Contentful Images API, there's a simple solution.

Teemu Tammela, on Oct 31, 2019

When the shoe fits: the ALDO Group's digital transformation with Contentful

The ALDO Group realized early on that customers wanted a digital connection to their favorite brands. With so many choices and a lot of buying power, customers had options. And more shoes. They discovered that continued success meant expanding their ability to deliver product experiences that are relevant and personalized to their customers around the world.

Jo Fraser, on Oct 23, 2019
Blog header for scheduled publishing

Content operations just got easier with scheduled publishing, comments and tasks

No one wants to be the one stuck staying up until midnight to press GO on a big marketing launch or product drop. Now, with scheduled publishing, you don’t have to. We’ve released this feature, plus tasks and commenting for enterprise customers, to give content managers a better handle on their operations.

Blair Rampling, on Oct 22, 2019


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