86 cfxjsonxswift4

The missing puzzle pieces for deserializing JSON in Swift 4

If you’re thinking of building an application in Swift that interfaces with a JSON API to return arrays with mixed types, you’ve come to the right place. This post will teach you how to take a heterogeneous JSON array and return your types, because after all, types are your thing — you’re a Swift developer.

Jp wright image
JP Wright, on Apr 23, 2018
85 zeroconfigtoolkit

One to Zero: How to build a static website using a zero configuration toolkit

Learn about x0, a zero-configuration toolkit for React development of static sites, and see how you can create a static website using zero-config toolkit stack of x0 paired with Contentful for content infrastructure and Netlify which hosts static websites.

Sergii bezliudnyi 2
Sergii Bezliudnyi, on Apr 20, 2018
82 dadjokesbotapi

How to serverless your parenting skills - or the story of how I learn bad dad jokes from a bot

Except for a poor sense of humor, nothing goes better with dad jokes than Python. This is the story of how I used the Telegram API to build a Contentful-backed bot to serve me jokes on demand.

Contentful headshot
David Litvak, on Apr 17, 2018
81 smartlinguserconf

You want to be global, think local — three things to keep in mind while planning a localization strategy

How do you implement innovative digital strategies and meet the demands of customers at the same time? Here are three areas to think about when trying to globalize your organization.

Stacy milman bw
Stacy Milman, on Apr 16, 2018
80 staticlydynamic

Dynamic static sites - Implementing an oxymoron

Learn how to make your static site dynamic using Contentful, Gatsby, Netlify and GraphQL.

Tim beyer bw
Tim Beyer, on Apr 13, 2018
About stephan schneider
& Stephan Schneider, on Apr 13, 2018


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