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One night in Brandenburg: A newbie’s-eye-view on the 2019 Contentful offsite

It’s a bit daunting to spend 48 hours trapped in a hotel in the middle of the German countryside with 200 people you don’t know that well. This is the idea behind the tech company tradition we all know and love called an “offsite”: Get everyone in one remote place, mix in a few drinks, a few workshops, maybe a pool. The question is, does it work? Can you bring everyone into the fold within just 48 hours?

Liz Osterloh, on Aug 30, 2019

AMP and Contentful: A flawless customer experience with Jung von Matt/TECH

In today's world of integrated communication through different channels and the universal demand of a frictionless customer experience (CX) IT architectures are shifting from monoliths to loosely coupled services. The demand of distributing an organizations content through different touchpoints rises, as marketers need more personalized content for more touchpoints in higher frequencies to fulfill the promise of a flawless CX.

Aye Cofalka, on Aug 29, 2019

How SEOmonitor aced their app launch (with a little help from Bejamas and Contentful)

If you’re an agency or business with search engine optimization (SEO) on the brain, we’ll do you a favour and introduce you to SEOmonitor. It’s an SEO platform that encompasses a whole suite of SEO tools; think Adobe Creative suite, but for SEO. It includes a research tool that instantly generates search and competitive overviews for any topic, an SEO timeline that tracks changes and, most recently, Signals, an app for SEO insights.

Denis Kostrzewa, on Aug 22, 2019

Countdown: The top 5 Contentful community talks of all time

Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve traveled from San Francisco to London to Berlin documenting all the awesome projects the Contentful community is working on. There’s more to come this year and in the future, but a few videos from last year drew quite a crowd. These are our top five community talks of all time (or at least so far) – stick around until the end for number one.

Liz Osterloh, on Aug 20, 2019

Protecting your Contentful accounts with Have I Been Pwned?

If you’ve been blocked creating a new password, don’t worry it’s not just you. While a six character password made up of just letters might have been sufficient in the past, now the standard is at least eight, with numbers and symbols mixed in. If your password looks like your cat walked across your keyboard, that’s good. But a password that looks like a keyboard-bashing isn’t your only defense, there’s also tools like “Have I been Pwned” and “Pwned passwords” to help protect your accounts against hackers.

Jolyon Pawlyn, on Aug 19, 2019


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