What everyone needs to know about localization with Locaria

International brands require a more nuanced approach to language across markets. It’s tempting to brush off localization as a simple translation job. Take English. Make it French... and you’re done. The truth is that international brands require a more nuanced approach to language across markets.

In this article, Contentful and Locaria come together to talk about some of the common mistakes that teams make with localization, and how to avoid them.

Lindsay Hong, on Jul 25, 2019
Blog header with Pizza

The delivery team vs. the two-pizza team

Product development doesn’t just depend on the right infrastructure or code. It also depends on organizing the right people into the right kinds of teams. Each project requires a unique organization of team members. This post covers how I faced these challenges, and what I learned about team building in the process.

Eoin Crowley, on Jul 23, 2019
 Modern Content Paradigm

The modern content paradigm with TribalScale

In today’s digital era, websites are the primary gateway to organizations for customers, partners, and investors. Organizations rely specifically on content to drive access to core web applications, to disseminate important information to prospective customers (e.g white papers, infographics, value statements, and feature overviews), or to even outline key documentation for Developers.

Modern content is required to be intuitive, impactful, and engaging. This content is ever-changing as organizations grow and evolve with their messaging and branding. Content must reach audiences in all locations: via desktop, mobile, and other internet-connected devices.

Sam Bobo , on Jul 10, 2019

Editors, rejoice! Contentful is built for you

Contentful isn’t just for developers; editors also think we’re great. Contentful enables editors to update or even overhaul content in their digital projects. No need to ask a developer to change a typo or publish a blog. Our web app makes translation simple, and all of your assets are kept in one place. Contentful gives editors the power to create, manage and improve content faster than before.

We’ve covered the editor experience of Contentful in a series of articles, all of which are gathered and summarized here

Kiersten Thamm, on Jul 3, 2019

A new way to organise your teams in Contentful

If you work in a bigger organisation, you’ve probably found yourself relegated to a team. Or, more likely, several teams. Maybe you even have teams of teams. This can be a growing headache for even the most organised, structured workplaces as teams change and evolve. As a result, managing access rights, roles and permission becomes a tedious piece of admin work that never ends. But here’s the good news: we’ve acknowledged the struggle and created a new organisation feature that addresses some of these issues.

Heidi Marjamäki, on Jul 2, 2019


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