Why a leading broadcaster drop-kicked multiple CMSes in favor of a unified content hub

At Contentful, we believe that modernizing how content flows is the radical change needed to make your business ready for tomorrow. Trusted by the world’s leading brands for everything from billboards in Times Square to Black Friday and Superbowl campaigns, Contentful is ready to grow with you as you unify your content today, and prepare your teams for tomorrow.

Johanna Hyde, on Oct 16, 2018

Contentful October developer update

It’s the second Wednesday of the month. That means it’s time for the latest Contentful Developer Updates. This October we’re highlighting all of our favorite projects and articles from the Contentful Community in the past 30 days!

Shy Ruparel, on Oct 12, 2018

3 Methods to resolve GraphQL endpoints

The main purpose of GraphQL is to provide flexible access to the underlying data through composition, selection, and mutation. This blog post is a comparative journey of resolving endpoints within various architectures.

Nicholas Hagen, on Sep 25, 2018

Contentful September developer update

It's already September - that means fall has arrived... along with new updates from Contentful to you. In this month's developer update, we’re covering our latest changes, video tutorials, and articles from the past month.

Shy Ruparel, on Sep 24, 2018

DFDS goes serverless

For the past year I have been part of the new cloud first initiative of the shipping and logistics company called DFDS. The cloud first initiative is not a movement to force everything into the cloud but rather have cloud as the first option if it makes sense. If it does not, it still is alright to utilize our alternatives, like our own datacenter.

Rune Abrahamsson, on Sep 19, 2018


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