Contentful Xcode Plugin

If you are using Contentful with Core Data in your iOS app, a painful manual step is recreating your content model inside Xcode. This is often both time consuming and prone to errors because mismatches between the two models can lead to bugs that are hard to spot. This ends today!

Boris Bügling , on Dec 1, 2014

Contentful Media Uploader: One Step Closer to Effortless Publishing

Today we launch the Contentful Media Uploader. The Media Uploader is a Mac OS app that allows editors to upload and publish assets on Contentful with a single drag-and-drop. Being a native app, the Media uploader also overcomes a lot of technical scale and performance limitations imposed by modern web browsers.

Artas Bartas , on Nov 18, 2014

A Recap of The Future Of Web Design, NYC 2014

The Future Of Web Design (#FOWD) took place in NYC last week and I was there to learn what some of the brightest people in the field think about how we build the future of the web. Here are my main take aways from the conference.

Christian Blomberg , on Nov 12, 2014

Contentful featured in Gartner Web Content Management Report

The 2014 Gartner WCM Report is out and Contentful is mentioned as one to watch. We are proud to be on the radar and our now working on how to get into that magic quadrant!

Christian Blomberg , on Nov 4, 2014

Android and the DEX 64K Methods Limit

If you're an Android developer, chances are you've hit the DEX 64K methods limit at some point. This post will walk you through how to identify the source of the problem and various ways of solving it.

Tom Reznik , on Oct 29, 2014


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