Learn why space environments are great for managing and maintaining content structure for your Contentful projects

Content management has long been an outdated part of the modern software development process — our mission is to change that. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve offered an API-first content architecture giving engineers a scalable, automation-friendly approach to content creation. We’re now taking content management one step further — say hello to space environments.

Robert Svensson, on May 22, 2018

Running a serverless voter campaign with Contentful and Twilio

Polly Politician is looking to get voted into office. She has teamed up with Selly Celebrity, and together they are running an SMS voter campaign. This article will explain how to integrate Contentful and the Twilio Programmable SMS API with the Flask microframework for Python. The article will also highlight how to set up webhooks in Contentful, and how to deploy it all to AWS Lambda to make the app genuinely serverless — all in the name of getting Polly Politician as many votes as possible.

Robert Svensson, on May 18, 2018

Faster static site builds Part 1- Process only what you need

Static sites are gaining popularity. Big publishers like the Smashing Magazine rely on static site generation to serve content faster. And they do it without worrying about security fixes or scalable server setups. All you need for static site generation is a CI service that kicks off your build and a static hosting provider to serve your generated static files which we then enrich with serverless technologies.

Stefan Judis, on May 17, 2018

Building a portfolio site with Contentful, Next.js and Netlify

When I wanted to make my portfolio site fast and easy to maintain, I landed on the following solution to create a static site using Contentful as my content manager, Next.js to display the data, and Netlify for hosting.

Tom Sansome, on May 9, 2018

Using Graphviz to Visualize Structured Content from Contentful Spaces

By reading this article, you will learn how to use Graphviz to draw beautiful, comprehensive directed graph diagrams and utilize it to visualize your structured content from any Contentful space.

Daniel A. R. Werner, on May 4, 2018


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