Tech giants are investing in digital transformation: you should too

This was a week marked by two huge tech acquisitions. Google is buying data analytics company Looker for $2.6 billion in a move to bolster their cloud computing offering – and keep up with their rivals. This comes off the back of another major transaction; Salesforce will acquire Tableau, an analytics platform which specializes in interactive data visualization. Digital transformation is firmly here — it’s not just for early adopters, startups or the technologically curious.

Jo Fraser, on Jun 13, 2019

Editors, here's how translation works with Contentful (spoiler: it's a breeze)

One of the most beautiful things about the web is that content is for anyone with an internet connection. The internet has no language — whether you speak Spanish or Swahili, you’ll find what you’re looking for within the pages of Google. And that is thanks, in part, to translation.

Every day, thousands of pieces of content are translated and sent out so audiences can delight in reading the news in their own language, or study an online course tailored just for them. It means that people from all corners of the globe can participate in sharing and communicating, a huge step for our collective repository of human knowledge.

Jo Fraser, on Jun 10, 2019

Wave hello to our new brand (and goodbye to your CMS problems, too)

Today we’re excited to show off a new look on our website, We’ve built everything using Contentful, and we’ve executed both a redesign and a migration to Gatsby simultaneously. But these are stories for another day, featuring our expert web developer and designer.

Today we’re talking brand.

Heidi Joy Tretheway, on Jun 6, 2019
jesse pinho blog post image

Get traction with interaction: modeling interactive content with React and Contentful's rich text editor

A year ago, Clue relaunched its website as an encyclopedia for women and people with cycles. Clue's first product is a period tracker app, which is used by over 10 million people to track their symptoms and learn about patterns in their reproductive health.

Lately, we’ve been thinking that our readers might be better served by interactive content that does more showing and less telling.

Jesse Pinho, on May 31, 2019

How a support engineer makes your life easier

There's a common joke that working as a support engineer is a bit like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire, you are on fire and everything around you is also on fire. While support engineers are no strangers to crisis, our job isn't just putting out fires. Our work often starts before anything has the chance to go wrong. We’re the first line of support from the moment you choose to work with Contentful.

Fajri Hanny, on May 24, 2019


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