Beyond REST: Running GraphQL queries in Contentful

The GraphQL query language is taking the developer community by storm and we are joining in the fun with the latest release from the Contentful Labs - the GraphQL add-on. If your select() methods were growing unwieldy lately, the cf-graphql library might offer a way to restore sanity.

Artas Bartas , on May 22, 2017

Taming verbosity in the Java CMA SDK 2.0: Method chaining and fluent interfaces

Today we release the Java CMA SDK 2.0, bringing you direct file uploads, latest bug fixes, and performance improvements. The SDK makes extensive use of method chaining, and so we wanted to explain the advantages this approach brings to writing maintainable software.

Mario Bodemann , on May 9, 2017

Javascript all the things! Updated SDKs and import-export tools

I'm happy to finally announce the result of a recent makeover to our top Javascript modules!

Khaled Garbaya , on Apr 13, 2017

ES6 modules support lands in browsers: is it time to rethink bundling?

With browsers starting to implement ES6 modules, I took a look at the landscape and compared the new tech to bundling, the current state of the art for publishing Javascript files.

Stefan Judis , on Apr 4, 2017

Being a successful developer – rainy weather, good teamplay and sustainable communities at nz.js(con)

New Zealand is one of these countries that everybody wants to visit. It's a tiny island with excellent weather and beautiful nature right in the middle of nowhere. At least that's what I thought of New Zealand before traveling there to speak at the kiwi JavaScript conference nz.js(con).

Stefan Judis , on Mar 22, 2017


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