Marketing change log: What used to take weeks now takes minutes

Mistakes are a fact of life on websites, and if you’re a content marketer like me, the whole world is watching you make them. Typos, convoluted copy, calls to action that just don’t drive traffic … they all call for change. And if you’re stuck with a legacy CMS, that change isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Heidi Joy Tretheway, on Feb 28, 2019

From WordPress to static site—the Contentful way

Six years ago, I started my website using WordPress. As front-end development changed over the years, my way of working with projects changed too. I eventually came to the conclusion that most of my issues could be solved by changing my tech stack and switching away from Wordpress.

Jepser Bernardino, on Feb 27, 2019

How to build a React Redux application with API-first CMS Contentful

When I first started to redesign my company website, I was very excited to use ReactJS to build the front-end app the React way. But soon I realized, in the excitement of using the new JS library, that I had neglected the content part. How would I get dynamic content onto my site? Not wanting to develop a backend app with Rails or NodeJS, I would rather use an existing solution for my CMS.

Avishek Jana, on Feb 18, 2019

Contentful February developer update

The Contentful Community has been doing amazing things in the past month. So, to celebrate, I’m dedicating this month’s newsletter to UI extensions.

Shy Ruparel, on Feb 18, 2019

What’s in it for me? Six of our favorite features for editors using Contentful

Someone higher up decided to change your content management system (CMS).

You’ve got the dreaded email announcing the change, your developers are scrambling with their content model, and you’re being thrust into tutorials and training again. We get it.

It can be frustrating to be forced to learn something completely from scratch, especially if you feel like you just got the hang of the last software that management dropped in your lap. When you're adapting to a new system and workflow, there will be awkward moments. Change can be difficult, even when it’s the best thing for everyone involved.

While you might know why Contentful is better than the legacy or monolith CMS you’re using now, you might not really get what Contentful can do for you, the editor. To help you navigate this change, and to set you up for a positive transition to Contentful, here are six reasons why you’ll love using it:

Jo Fraser, on Feb 15, 2019


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