API and beyond: a content platform, not just a CMS

We'll go through every aspect of Contentful as the ultimate modern content platform, showing what's hidden deep inside, and what you are getting as a customer.

Eugene kudashev 2x
Eugene Kudashev, on Oct 22, 2015

Now also a tvOS CMS: building tvOS apps with Contentful

Apple recently released the tvOS SDK, which helps developers build applications for the new Apple TV which will be shipping late October this year. Since we at Contentful want to help you bring your content to every screen, this article will give you a brief overview of building apps for bigger, Apple TV-powered screens.

Boris buegling 2x
Boris Bügling, on Oct 13, 2015

Markdown, the way to write

We've updated the Markdown editor – the environment for writing texts which are longer than a tweet. The update introduces markup highlighting, full-screen mode, media embedding and other almost invisible yet important features, all for improving the writing experience and simplifying the complicated process of transferring thoughts on the screen.

Daniel strazzulla 2x
Daniel Strazzulla, on Sep 22, 2015

Creating a digital lookbook

Brand storytelling helps leading etailers stand out from the competition and gain an enthusiastic following among today’s consumers. In this guide, we take a page from their content marketing playbook and show you how to build a digital lookbook in four straightforward steps.

Artas bartas 2x
Artas Bartas, on Sep 10, 2015
Feature gettyimages

Getty Images integration

We've released an integration with Getty Images, which enables editors to search, browse and copy images from the Getty Images collection to their Contentful media storage – all within the Contentful web app.

Christian blomberg 2x
Christian Blomberg, on Aug 26, 2015


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