Keeping data secure and security high with mobile device management

How do modern businesses keep access and rights secure when dealing with thousands of employee laptops and smartphones? And how do they make sure all this tech is kept up to date? It's a massive undertaking for even the most technologically advanced companies. The bottom line is: security is vital when running a content management operation and using software-as-a-service. And where more than one person has administrative access, this can be tricky. Certainly getting your security certifications can help –– we encourage every business to get relevant, validated certifications –– but that's not the only thing you can do.

Erik Dahms, on Feb 7, 2019

Master Contentful: 8 tips for editors

New to Contentful and want to learn how to master creating and publishing content? Or maybe you’ve been using Contentful for a while but would like to learn some tips and tricks? Nice work. To help you on your way, we’ve put together 8 tips to streamline your workflow, increase your productivity and make formatting less of a chore.

Annamaria Arapi-Beno, on Feb 6, 2019

Developing an Apple Music search into Contentful using UI extensions

I’m currently helping a client setup a year long marketing campaign and we decided to use Contentful as our infrastructure to manage data and content. You setup your data models like any database and then use the content created to craft any number of apps and services. Giving my clients easy access to their own data feels more professional and saves me time.

Lee Martin, on Feb 5, 2019
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Headless, decoupled and Contentful: A non-technical explanation for the confused

Even if you’re just taking baby steps toward digital transformation, there's a good chance you’re confused with the glossary of terms around content management options. With all these new CMS replacements popping up, you can be left scratching your head thinking, "Aren't these all the same?". It can seem a bit like the tower of Babel. Everyone is speaking a different language but we’re all trying to communicate the same thing.

Jo Fraser, on Feb 4, 2019

Launching Eviction Free NYC using GatsbyJS, GraphQL and Contentful

We recently created a brand-new website at, called Eviction Free NYC. It’s an interesting experience to share. A non-profit organization’s needs can be very different from a typical website created for business use. Having spent a few years at catering to a similar audience — tenants in NYC having difficulties with their landlord — we had a good idea what the user experience needed to look like. The crowd using the website primarily used mobile devices, in areas with low reception. English may not be their native language as well.

Dan Kass, on Jan 31, 2019


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