Loblaw meets the COVID-19 challenge using Contentful

Loblaw meets the Covid-19 challenge using Contentful

When Covid-19 forced Loblaw, Canada’s largest retailer, to change how people shopped, the company could quickly inform its customers because it had already laid the foundation with Contentful.

Mark Demeny, on Jul 6, 2020

Building customized and flexible websites on a content platform

With a content platform, you don’t need to choose between flexibility, ease of use and customization. We redesigned Rapidly’s website with Contentful, giving editors the ability to make wide-scale changes to their branded site without the help of developers.

Weston Baker & Ben Dvorak & Davin Hazard, on Jul 1, 2020
Serverside rendering to help SEO ranking for pages with a lot of Javascript

Will search engines index my content? It's all in the rendering

"Will search engines be able to index my content?” is one of the most commonly asked questions about headless CMSes. If you want to make sure your content gets indexed, I recommend prerendering or server-side rendering (SSR) your content. This post explains both of these concepts within the context of Contentful and Vue.js/Nuxt.js apps.

Eslam λ Hefnawy, on Jun 30, 2020
Two people working digitally, trying to figure out how to accelerate digital transformation

How to accelerate digital transformation and fuel growth

Get the information you need to lead a successful digital transformation strategy.

Kiersten Thamm, on Jun 29, 2020
A hand interacting with a Contentful rich text fields

Behind the scenes of the Contentful rich text field

Everything you need to know about how rich text fields work in Contentful — how to configure them, how authors use them and how Contentful stores their content and style.

Marcelo Lewin, on Jun 26, 2020


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