How I fell in love with an API-first CMS

Content management for the web can be hard. But then I found an API-first CMS that lets me build sites the ways I want to — with true separation between code and content.

Hendrik Wallbaum, on May 2, 2018

Why Running Your Own CMS is a Bad Idea

Maintaining your own CMS is hard work. Two weeks ago we saw the unfolding of Drupalgeddon 2 — a vulnerability that left many servers running Drupal open to attack. But where there is despair there is hope: learn how you can keep your content secure by switching to Contentful's content infrastructure.

Felipe Coe, on Apr 26, 2018

Get up to speed on composable entries

Learn why composable entries is a good approach to self-service page building.

Spiros Martzoukos, on Apr 25, 2018

The missing puzzle pieces for deserializing JSON in Swift 4

If you’re thinking of building an application in Swift that interfaces with a JSON API to return arrays with mixed types, you’ve come to the right place. This post will teach you how to take a heterogeneous JSON array and return your types, because after all, types are your thing — you’re a Swift developer.

JP Wright, on Apr 23, 2018

One to Zero: How to build a static website using a zero configuration toolkit

Learn about x0, a zero-configuration toolkit for React development of static sites, and see how you can create a static website using zero-config toolkit stack of x0 paired with Contentful for content infrastructure and Netlify which hosts static websites.

Sergii Bezliudnyi, on Apr 20, 2018


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