Experimentation is now baked into Contentful with new Optimizely app

If you’re a marketer, or you build things for marketers, you know that experimentation is everything. It can help you deliver faster, and can base your decisions on what’s actually bringing you results. Now you can run these experiments on structured content: From today, Optimizely is an officially supported third-party app on Contentful.

Liz Osterloh, on Sep 12, 2019

Turn your sidebar into a sensitive language check, a preview tool, and more with sidebar extensions

The best way to adapt Contentful to your business or content processes is to use our UI extensions. It’s how you can customize your editing experience in the Contentful web app. One of these is sidebar extensions, which allows you to customize your sidebar to create a workspace with the controls you need.

Frederik Lölhöffel & Jo Fraser, on Sep 11, 2019
Blog header dialog extensions

Customize your whole editorial experience with entry extensions

Good content models don’t always make for easy editing. Now, with our entry extensions release, you can have the best of both worlds. This new feature allows you to overlay a custom UI on top of the entry editor, giving your designers, writers and other users an editing experience tailored to their needs – all while keeping your content model itself flexible and well-structured.

Liz Osterloh & Frederik Lölhöffel, on Sep 9, 2019

How dialog extensions make third-party integrations even easier to use

We’re introducing a series of extension features that increase the power and customization of the Contentful web app. Dialog extensions let you work with third-party integrations directly within the app. Everything’s in one, easy-to-use interface for editors, and dialogs are easy for developers to install and customize.

Kiersten Mounce & Frederik Lölhöffel, on Sep 3, 2019
Contentful Offsite 2019 header

One night in Brandenburg: A newbie’s-eye-view on the 2019 Contentful offsite

It’s a bit daunting to spend 48 hours trapped in a hotel in the middle of the German countryside with 200 people you don’t know that well. This is the idea behind the tech company tradition we all know and love called an “offsite”: Get everyone in one remote place, mix in a few drinks, a few workshops, maybe a pool. The question is, does it work? Can you bring everyone into the fold within just 48 hours?

Liz Osterloh, on Aug 30, 2019


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