The most foolproof way to get started with Contentful

As support engineers, we tackle hundreds of user questions a month such as: How does Contentful work? What is content modeling? and How does content stored in Contentful get rendered on my web app? Once people understand it all, they're rewarded with fast sites, organized content and their build-to-ship process becomes impressively quick. If you just want to see what Contentful does in the most foolproof way possible, well, step into my office.

Christine Wang, on Apr 9, 2018

GraphQL and serverless—where cloud computing is heading

GraphQL and serverless are two important trends that both, interestingly enough, originated in late 2014 and are now the new mainstream entries in the technological toolbox of developers. According to Google Trends, AWS Lambda and GraphQL now have equal momentum in regards to microservices.

Paolo Negri, on Apr 5, 2018

An extremely picky developer's take on PHP static site generators: Part 1 — Sculpin

I was walking around the park a few days ago. It was a bright day with a clear sky. I could see kids playing and their parents chatting a few steps away. "This is nice," I thought, "but what about static site generators for PHP?" Well, that's obviously a made-up story. I wasn't at the park. It was actually raining. But that’s really what I was thinking.

Davide Borsatto, on Apr 4, 2018

Hitchhiker's Guide To Structured Data

Our fridge "Marvin" can now tell us via Twitter that he feels quite empty and sad. How did we end up here?

Christoph Grabo, on Apr 3, 2018

Reducing the attack surface with static sites

Learn how you can reduce your web app's attack surface by using a static site generator.

Robert Svensson, on Mar 16, 2018


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