Global variables in JavaScript

The global object in JavaScript: a matter of platforms, unreadable code and not breaking the internet

When I started programming one of the first things that I learned was that I should avoid the usage of global variables whenever possible. Personally, I think there’s a finite number of situations where I’d consider placing something in the global object. So when I discovered a new TC39 proposal whose aim is to add a new global property to access the global object in Javascript, I was puzzled yet intrigued, and I had to look into it.

Stefan Judis, on Jan 17, 2017

Building a Contentful Slack bot in the cloud with Gomix

After Gomix was announced, I just knew I had to try to build something with it! This is how I was able to write a functional Slack bot in less than 200 lines of JS code.

Stefan Judis, on Dec 20, 2016

Async and await in Contentful's .NET SDK

While working on Contentful's offical .NET SDK, I faced the question of how to deal with synchronous and asynchronous requests. Eventually I decided to use the full power of async and await, and here's why.

Robert Linde, on Dec 16, 2016

Emoji.prototype.length — a tale of characters in Unicode

Have you ever thought about how Emoji work behind the scenes? I looked into this topic, and I pretty much felt like Alice in Wonderland: there's so much I didn't know about it!

Stefan Judis, on Dec 6, 2016
Beyond Tellerrand impressions

Boybands, refactoring and inspiration at beyond tellerrand Berlin 2016

The beyond tellerrand is an excellent conference presenting inspiring and eye-opening talks. I'd like to share my general impressions and my three favourite talks.

Stefan Judis, on Nov 10, 2016


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