Geekettes meetup

Geekettes meetup

It had been a scorching hot day in Berlin with temperatures reaching 30 degrees centigrade. As the evening set in, Contentful opened its downstair bar to host the Geekettes meetup “Women in Leadership - How to Get There”.

Robert Svensson & Penny Downing, on Jun 22, 2017
Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017

Impressions from Women of Silicon Roundabout 2017

The Women of Silicon Roundabout is the UK’s leading forum for women working in tech. This year's event saw 1200 leading women in technology take part in workshops and inspiring talks. A dozen Contentfuleras represented Contentful at this unique event.

Penny Downing, on Jun 13, 2017

Design Studio Workshop: An afternoon of Collaborative Design

The clock struck one as Contentful’s Design Room opened its doors to the afternoon’s workshop. The goal was to introduce ten co-workers to Collaborative Design in a fun and relaxed way

Robert Svensson, on Jun 2, 2017

Beyond REST: Running GraphQL queries in Contentful

The GraphQL query language is taking the developer community by storm and we are joining in the fun with the latest release from the Contentful Labs - the GraphQL add-on. If your select() methods were growing unwieldy lately, the cf-graphql library might offer a way to restore sanity.

Artas Bartas, on May 22, 2017

Taming verbosity in the Java CMA SDK 2.0: Method chaining and fluent interfaces

Today we release the Java CMA SDK 2.0, bringing you direct file uploads, latest bug fixes, and performance improvements. The SDK makes extensive use of method chaining, and so we wanted to explain the advantages this approach brings to writing maintainable software.

Mario Bodemann, on May 9, 2017


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