When the shoe fits: the ALDO Group's digital transformation with Contentful

The ALDO Group realized early on that customers wanted a digital connection to their favorite brands. With so many choices and a lot of buying power, customers had options. And more shoes. They discovered that continued success meant expanding their ability to deliver product experiences that are relevant and personalized to their customers around the world.

Jo Fraser, on Oct 23, 2019
Blog header for scheduled publishing

Content operations just got easier with scheduled publishing, comments and tasks

No one wants to be the one stuck staying up until midnight to press GO on a big marketing launch or product drop. Now, with scheduled publishing, you don’t have to. We’ve released this feature, plus tasks and commenting, to give content managers a better handle on their operations.

Blair Rampling, on Oct 22, 2019

How Myplanet uses Contentful to empower smarter interfaces

We love headless CMS at Myplanet. It’s an area of focus for us. The API middle layer is a magic key that opens the door to omnichannel touchpoints such as wearables, loT, voice, AR/VR and mobile.

Michael Younder, on Oct 9, 2019

Using fat bears to explain my take on the future of digital marketing

What can we learn about digital marketing from the fat bears of Katmai National park and preserve? It turns out, we can learn quite a lot. And it's not just that fat bears are extremely cute. Digital marketing is changing and the focus is now on creating digital experiences for our customers. Contentful is the perfect platform for this endeavor.

Jo Fraser, on Oct 4, 2019
Header for Telus hackathon blog post

Hackathons in the enterprise: Planning innovation initiatives that pay off

If you’re in a team that’s working on existing digital products, you understand the struggle of finding time to dream up and develop new features – even when you know this is what keeps you ahead. One answer to this is to run a hackathon: Take a couple of days to focus on solving specific problems, potentially saving hundreds of hours of development work while keeping engineers happy at the same time. But if you’re part of a big enterprise company, you might be thinking, OK, this works for startups but can it work for me? Absolutely it can! Read on to find out how a two-day hackathon produced real results for Telus, a multi-billion-dollar telecommunications company.

Irina Botea & Kevin Barnett, on Oct 2, 2019


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