Contentful Documentation Playground

This post runs through Apple's newly released feature, Playgrounds and how it can help you explore Contentful's APIs.

With Xcode 6 and Swift, Apple also released a new feature called Playgrounds, which allows one to interactively try out code and it is also possible to integrate it with documentation. As this is pretty similar to what we do in the JavaScript documentation of Contentful, it sounded like a good option to improve the usefulness of the iOS documentation.

Boris Bügling, on Jun 30, 2014

Your content, your rules!

Today, we're answering your requests by introducing an easy and flexible way to customize entry lists on Contentful platform. Learn how to save your regular queries in a sidebar view, tour list customization features and understand why it is important to select a content type next to the search bar.

Artas Bartas, on Jun 4, 2014

Contentful at WWDC

Where to meet our iOS developer, Boris Bügling, at WWDC.

Sascha Konietzke, on Jun 2, 2014

Contentful 101

Shortly after our launch we hosted our very first Contentful webinar “Getting Started with Contentful.” The webinar covered the current state of the content management environment and a demo to get you up and running with the platform.

We recorded the webinar and to make your life even easier, we divided it in three parts so you can watch what interests you the most.

César Jardim, on May 27, 2014

Contentful Search: Better, Quicker, Smarter

To help you quickly locate the right entries and assets, we rolled out revamped search functionality. Hit the 'down' in the search field and select from the list of available variables to filter your search results by author, creation date or file size. Plus, many more options available when searching under specific content type. Read more to find out how to find your way to this bonanza.

Artas Bartas, on May 21, 2014


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