Exporting content from Wordpress, Drupal or elsewhere and importing in Contentful

Certainly you have tons of content stored in your Wordpress or Drupal or whatever CMS you've been struggling with, and most likely you'd like to keep that content. Also, you wouldn't want to copy it manually, as this would take hours, many hours, many frustrating hours. So – we're here to help.

Andreas Tiefenthaler, on Mar 9, 2015

Mobile example apps: blogs, galleries, product catalogues

As a natural continuation of space templates, today we are releasing three demo mobile apps – one for each template – which enable previewing the content from these template-built spaces on mobile devices. They're available on both Android and iOS, which makes it fair to say that we are releasing six apps at once. Please welcome: Blog, Gallery, Catalogue.

Artas Bartas, on Mar 4, 2015

ContentfulModel and ContentfulRails Ruby gems help building Ruby apps faster

We are continuing the series of features of our partners contributions to the Contentful developer ecosystem. Today our guest author is Ed Jones, director and co-owner of Error, a Liverpool-based digital creative studio. Ed and his team have created two Ruby gems that simplify and quicken developing Ruby apps with Contentful.

Ed Jones, on Feb 23, 2015

Using Core Data with Swift

In this post our iOS developer Boris introduces workarounds for some common issues when using Core Data with Swift and shows how Swift is different from Objective-C in this particular aspect.

Boris Bügling, on Feb 20, 2015

Contentful integrates with Kaltura, the leading open-source video platform

Contentful integrates with Kaltura, a major platform for video publishing, analytics and monetization. From this day on our users can search and embed Kaltura videos directly within Contentful editing interface.

Christian Blomberg, on Feb 18, 2015


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