Our new help center for editors (and how we built it using Contentful)

If you’re like many companies, odds are you’re looking for a way to create a help center or knowledge base for your customers. The problem is, many of the options on the market are not very easy to get started with: they lack flexibility and often don’t integrate well with other content systems your organization may be using. Luckily, with Contentful, you don’t have to worry about any of that. In fact, our customers often use Contentful to build their knowledge base or supp

Rachel Stiles, on Apr 30, 2020
A director's chair with developer written on it, lighting and a clapperboard, introducing filmmaking for developers.

Filmmaking for developers 101: The basics of video production

It’s crucial that developers have the ability to communicate in succinct and compelling ways, especially at a distance. Why not learn how to make effective videos? This post covers the foundational topics of filmmaking to empower developers to create videos of their own.

Nikoo Yahyazadeh, on Apr 29, 2020
Loclization of three languages represented through a pattern

Managing multilingual content in an omnichannel world with localization

Localization and its counterpart, globalization, have been part of the content management lexicon for more than a decade now. But, for the most part, the application of these terms, and the software and services which support them, has been constrained to specific projects like websites and applications. Contentful has opened a new way to approach content and its management.

Ofer Tirosh, on Apr 27, 2020
An artist paiting on the screen of a large phone

Contentful, according to a digital artist

Not quite sure what Contentful does, or how it works? A few months ago, neither was I. As an artist interested in using web technologies, Contentful sparked my curiosity. I used it to build my first website, and I’m here to explain everything I know, in my own words.

Genefer Baxter, on Apr 24, 2020
Mailchimp Presents, Work & Co, and Contentful

How Mailchimp built an entertainment platform in six months with Contentful and Gatsby

Work & Co used Contentful and Gatsby to get Mailchimp Presents up and running in just six months. We caught up with Sarah Mogin, associate technology director at Work & Co, about using modern tools to achieve a flexible workflow and reduce developer overhead — with a few creative hacks along the way.

Sarah Mogin, on Apr 23, 2020


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