Managing Content in a World of Connected Devices

iBeacons and other new channels unveil a world of new possibilities for content publishers, but most CMS' can't help you take advantage of them. With Contentful and a "COPE" approach, you have the opportunity to delight your clients in a completely new way, without adding any more work for your team!

Christian Blomberg, on Oct 2, 2014

Android Discovery App

Are you developing Android apps? Then check out our new discovery app! Our Android developer Tom shows you how to easily preview your content on any Android device and shares his insights from developing the app.

Tom Reznik, on Sep 26, 2014

Preview your Content Before Publishing with the Content Preview API

The new Contentful preview API let's you preview your content before publishing it. In other words, no more guessing how your content will look across your mobile-, web-, and other apps. Plug the preview access token into your staging environment and you're good to go.

Stephen Sugden, on Sep 23, 2014

Webinar: Delivering Content to & from iOS with Contentful

We recently hosted a webinar on our iOS SDKs for the Contentful Content Delivery (CDA) and Content Management API (CMA). In the first part, we build a map of beer bars and in the second part we build a simple editor for textual content of a new bar.

Boris Bügling, on Sep 18, 2014

Zapier Integration - Automate Your Editing Process

How would you like to save time with every interaction you have with Contentful? We thought so! That’s why we integrated with Zapier, a web automation service, so you can connect your Contentful account to over 300 different services like Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, etc. to automate your editorial processes.

Sam Sharif, on Sep 16, 2014


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