Introducing Contentful for Organizations

Say hello to organizations on Contentful platform. If you used GitHub, PivotalTracker or Trello before, you will immediately recognize this feature. Organizations help you manage users, Spaces and subscription options under the same roof. This comes very handy when you work on multiple projects with the same team, for example, by allowing you to pre-define team member roles for multiple Spaces, and helps you smoothly collaborate with multiple customers by maintaining multiple teams and receiving separate invoices for them.

Artas Bartas, on Feb 14, 2014

The challenge of managing cross-platform content

This post runs through the current Content Management environment and how Contentful is working to provide an alternative to the existing page-centric CMS'.

Sascha Konietzke, on Jul 18, 2013

From StorageRoom to Contentful

We are moving from StorageRoom to Contentful and would like to explain to you why.

Sascha Konietzke, on Jun 23, 2013

A change in context, a change in content

In the last couple of years, the way we use mobile websites and apps has changed. Dramatically.

The close relationship and fast access to the Internet that keeps us connected 24/7, revolutionized the way we wrap our minds around its access and the time we are willing to wait to consume content. The implications of this new pattern of behaviour affect the way we not only create but especially the way we manage content.

César Jardim, on Jun 17, 2013

Content Strategy: A tiny introduction

Even though relevant since the 90’s, the expression Content Strategy only became common during the last couple of years. It’s everywhere, whether as a part of User Experience design or as an independent area in and of itself. But the question still remains: What is Content Strategy and what is it for?

César Jardim, on Jun 14, 2013


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