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Does your CMS help you publish faster?

Twenty years ago, CMSes put the power of digital publishing squarely in the hands of almost anyone. Editors could quickly pick a template, drop content in with a WYSIWYG editor and publish a web page. It was exciting and fast. If you made a mistake, you could edit it in minutes.

This is still true for some people who are using popular blogging tools and out-of-the box CMSes to create basic sites. But for the rest of us, something has changed.

Lisa Lozeau , on Dec 11, 2019
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Strong showing for Contentful at the European Women in Tech conference

Contentful showed up en masse to the European Women in Tech conference in Amsterdam. All 25 of us were looking forward to spreading the headless CMS good news, attending presentations, and making new tech friends. Because who needs best friends when you’ve got tech friends.

Kiersten Thamm, on Dec 6, 2019
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Why infrastructure is part of content strategy (and a balanced breakfast)

Cloud infrastructure is the logistics chain for digital experiences, serving content to consumers on an ever-increasing number of channels. With rising complexity, what should you expect from content infrastructure to deliver digital experiences at scale?

Karol Jarkovsky, on Dec 5, 2019
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Making S3 more resilient using Lambda@Edge

Running content infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies means maintaining high standards for availability — up to 99.99% guaranteed uptime. To mitigate the risk of regional outages, Infrastructure Engineer Julia Biro, along with her team, created a solution for multi-region active-active delivery. Here’s how it works.

Julia Biro, on Dec 3, 2019
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Creating an automated slug with Contentful

When writing an article or blog post, you want an appealing, searchable title. But concerning URLs, there's more to the matter than catchy copywriting and picking a few keywords. If you don't want your URLs peppered with "%20", read on to find out how community member Eli Colpaert created an automated slug generator in Contentful that can make your slugs valid and human-readable every time.

Eli Colpaert, on Nov 29, 2019


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