R/GA supports local businesses with Merch Aid

The global agency R/GA launched Merch Aid to connect prominent designers and businesses, especially those without logos and brands. Designers create custom illustrations and Merch Aid places them on t-shirts, tote bags and prints, and sells them online. All of the profits go back to the local business to assist with overhead costs and staff compensation while they’re closed.

Kaitlin Green, on May 14, 2020
Is the singleton pattern an anti pattern, evil or misused?

The singleton pattern: evil or just misused?

While there is some criticism surrounding design patterns, the overwhelming feeling is positive, with one major exception: the singleton pattern. When the book first came out, designers flocked to the singleton design pattern because it appeared to be simple. It became widely used and abused early on, much to the annoyance of all the developers who then had to refactor it

David Litvak, on May 12, 2020
How to deliver collaborative online workshops, or how to stay concentrated while talking to a screen

Delivering online workshops, or the adventures of talking to a screen and still feeling connected to your audience

Tired of hearing your neighbours complaining that you're constantly talking to a screen? Your Zoom background doesn't have enough flair? Put on your headphones, turn on your microphone and follow these tips to deliver the best workshops from the comfort of your home office.

David Litvak, on May 11, 2020

Why solution partners succeed with Contentful

Agencies and consultancies that partner with Contentful — what we call solution partners — gain access to resources and support, including technical enablement and marketing initiatives. Together, Contentful and our partners empower customers with the best digital experiences.

Jason Saroyan, on May 8, 2020
Hands grabbing at content management systems survey data

Calling all content wranglers: Get first dibs on data and a chance to win $500

Calling all content wranglers: Get first dibs on data about CMS users’ experience and plans for the future. You'll also get a chance to win a $500 gift card for sharing your own experience.

Heidi Joy Tretheway, on May 7, 2020


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