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AI Image Management App

The AI Image Management app provides a more convenient drag and drop image uploader as well as a Sidebar UI Extension that leverages AI and deep learning to automatically assign tags to images.

WARNING: Apps is an experimental alpha feature. We are heavily iterating on it based on your feedback. Apps might stop working or get removed without notice so it's recommended to not use apps in production.


The AI Image Management app provides the following functionality:

  • A more convenient drag and drop image uploader that can be assigned to media fields.
  • A Sidebar UI Extension that leverages AWS Rekognition to automagically tags images.

In more detail the app will:

  1. Create a 'CustomImage' content type which contains a title, image and tags field. It is possible to add more meta fields when needed.
  2. Installs the Image Uploader and Rekognition into the current space.
  3. Assigns both extensions to the CustomImage content type.


  • The app creates a content type for you in your selected space. Therefore you cannot be at your content type limit if you want to install the app.
  • Your current subscription plan must allow you to use the Custom Sidebar feature.


The app will create a "CustomImage" content type for you and you can customize its name. Once that is filled in you can click install and the app will be installed. There is no further configuration needed.

Installing the app


Changing the fields the Rekognition UI Extension is acting on

To use different fields as input or output for the automatic tagging you can go to the sidebar configuration of your content type.

Configure sidebar

On that screen you can click on the "Change instance parameters" link of the Rekognition UI Extension to change its configuration.

Configure sidebar fields

Here you can configure the fields Rekognition should act on. The image field needs to be a field of the type "Media" and the tags field need to be of type "Short text, list". The value you put in here needs to be the same as the Field ID of the fields you want to use.


You can remove the app from the Apps page in Contentful. This will remove the installed UI Extensions from your space, but keep the created CustomImage content type and entries of that type.

Removing the app


What file types are supported?

At the moment the image uploader is limited to uploading images. We're considering adding support for arbitrary file types but that is not yet available.

What languages are supported?

Currently only English is supported. We're relying on AWS Rekognition object and scene detection for the tag generation and Rekognition doesn't support labels in languages other than English.

Will it always be free to use this app and the Rekognition UI Extension?

We're currently offering the Rekognition Extension free of charge on a fair use basis as an experimental feature. If you consider to use it in production, please reach out to support.

Why don't I see the Rekognition Extension in my sidebar?

It might be that you are still on one of our legacy pricing plans. However the Custom Sidebar is required for the Rekognition UI Extension which is only available for customers that are on the newer and not on the legacy plans. You could either update your subscription or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

I'm getting the error "Failed to create content type ..." on installation. What can I do?

It might be that your ran into your content type limit. Take a look at the next question for how you can install the UI Extensions without the app.

Can I use the bundled UI Extensions also without installing the AI Image Management App?

Yes you can. Both the drag and drop Image Uploader as well as the Rekognition extension are available in our Marketplace and can be installed standalone. They also don't depend on each other so that you can also choose if you want to use both or only one of the UI Extensions.