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Basic approval workflows

WARNING: Apps is an experimental feature currently in alpha and is under active development. It may undergo some major changes, hence not recommended to use for production.


"Basic approval workflows" is an app which lets you review and approve content before publishing it. This app lets you request a review on an entry from your colleagues as long as they are part of the same space. With the proper set up, they can be notified via Slack, email or any of your customizable options and then they can perform their part of the workflow.

Webhook notifications

In order to set up notifications you need to provide a webhook URL. This URL is called every time an action is performed (review was requested, change was approved or rejected and so on...). This URL is called every time an action is performed (the review was requested, change was approved or rejected and so on).

  • id: unique identifier of an event
  • eventType: indication of an action that happened, one of
  • spaceId: ID of a space
  • environmentId: ID of an environment
  • entryId: ID of an entry
  • version: version of the entry at the moment of the event
  • userId: ID of the user performing the action
  • comment: comment provided during review; only present when eventType is one of APPROVED or REJECTED


Can I select multiple content types?

In alpha we only support one content type in the current version.

Does it block publication of an entry?

No, this feature is not developed yet, but if you are interested in when it gets released, send an email to spiros@contentful.com to subscribe to updates, Alpha programs and more features related to content workflows.

How do I use it with Zapier?

By using the notification URL option when enabling the app, you can integrate your notification systems or a service like Zapier. This guide explains the process of sending a basic Slack message when an action happens.

The first step is to create a new Zapier of type "Webhook" and get the custom Webhook URL.

In Zapier:

This is pasted in the Webhook URL field in the app settings.

In Contentful apps:

If you then create a test request, you can see the payload in Zapier:

You can then set up the message in Zapier, by using the provided values to mention the type of the event, the user ID of the requester (which with a bit more programming logic you can query for the email) and the URL of the entry:

Then, proceed to select a Slack integration for the Zapier action part and once a request is created, it is shown in the Slack channel: