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Retry Policy

Note: This feature is currently available to customers with a Premium or Premium+ subscription through our Early Access Program (EAP).

Webhook Retry Policy

Contentful webhooks using a default retry policy will attempt delivery of a webhook and, if it fails, re-attempt delivery up to 2 additional times with a 30 second delay between each attempt. This results in a total of 3 attempts over a 1 minute window; after which it is considered failed.

Customers participating in the Early Access Program (EAP) and that have a Premium+ subscription can configure a custom retry policy in the webhook settings of their space.

Backoff Behavior

Currently, a retry policy takes a single property: maxRetries that can be configured with an integer value from 2 to 99. The maximum configuration value (99) will result in a roughly ~24 hour retry window allowing for much more resilience in webhook notifications, when necessary.

The first two retries are attempted, each with a 30 second delay, and over the next 12 retry attempts, an additional delay of 1 minute is added to each attempt, capping out at a maximum 15 minute interval between retries. This backoff curve is demonstrated visually in the following chart:

Retry Backoff Behavior

Get started with a custom Retry Policy

To configure a custom retry policy you must be an Administrator of the space. As an administrator, visit the Webhooks settings page under Settings and then click on the Settings (New) tab within the Webhook settings page.

Webhook Settings tab

Content Management API

Additionally, the WebhookRetryPolicy may be managed programmatically via the Content Management API. See the WebhookRetryPolicy CMA reference docs for additional information.


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