Alex.js UI-extension
UI ExtensionDeveloped by stefanjudis


A UI extension to check for insensitive writing

A validation mechanism for insensitive language as Contentful UI Extension using Alex.js.


Important: Unfortunately there is no Alex.js script available publicly. This is why this UI-extension uses my hosted version of it.

<script src=""></script>

I don't mind anybody else using this version but relying on me here, means that I could break you UI-extension. You might consider hosting your own version.

How it works

The UI-extension is available for Boolean types.


When installed the UI-extension will evaluate all fields of the entry it is included in with the type Symbol (short text) and Text (long text). Short text will be evaluated with alex.text and long text as it's mostly markdown in my case with alex.markdown.

I decided to not block publishing with this UI-extension because sometimes there are false-positives.


git clone
cd alex-js-contentful-ui-extension
npm install


Create a configuration file with your credentials for Contentful.

cp env.example .env

Open .env in a editor of your liking and add your Contentful space ID, and management token. Learn how to obtain a token.

Load environment variables

source .env


npm run create

Create task will register the extension in your space on Contentful.


npm run update

Update task will upload the extension to your space on Contentful.


Copyright © Stefan Judis

Licensed under the MIT license.

Productivity, Translation

This UI Extension will have the same permissions as the user who uses it.

This UI Extension can be installed only by the space admins. It will be installed in the most recently used space.