External API Dropdown
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External API UI Extension


This extension demonstrates accessing an external API and storing the underlying data within Contentful.

The API does not need to satisfy any requirements for response format.

Screenshot of extension


Consuming the external API is performed similar to a standalone application. This demo uses fetch with a polyfill to perform an AJAX request for dummy data from jsonplaceholder.typicode.com.

Once the API responds, React and Forma 36 are used to build a dropdown of options. The Contentful UI Extension SDK provides access to persist data sourced from the service to the underlying data model.

See the UI Extension SDK documentation for a full description of its capabilities.

Next Steps

Adding additional behaviors to the extension are simple. You can add more information to the dropdown, display images, etc. by modifying or replacing the code generating the dropdown.


This UI Extension will have the same permissions as the user who uses it.

This UI Extension can be installed only by the space admins. It will be installed in the most recently used space.