Vanilla UI Extension template
UI ExtensionDeveloped by contentful

Vanilla HTML5 UI Extension template

Vanilla HTML5 UI Extension template implementing the basic lifecycle methods to better understand the concept.

Screenshot of template The UI Extension in the Contentful web app

Screenshot of params Assigning the UI Extension to a content type and setting the instance parameter

The template includes:

  • the UI Extensions SDK library
  • a Contentful look-and-feel by loading our CSS library
  • basic handling of user-generated events (here: keyboard input)
  • basic handling of externally generated events (here: changes introduced by other authors)
  • cleanup of event listeners
  • example usage of installation and instance parameters


To install the UI Extension:

contentful extension create --installation-parameters '{"exampleParameter": "I am an installation parameter value."}'

To update the UI Extension:

contentful extension update --force --installation-parameters '{"exampleParameter": "I am an updated installation parameter value."}'

This UI Extension will have the same permissions as the user who uses it.

This UI Extension can be installed only by the space admins. It will be installed in the most recently used space.