Partnership Event

Contentful Partner Training [EPAM]

Become a Contentful-power user. Join us for a half-day workshop hosted by our Senior Technical Trainer.
7 October 2019
10:00 CEST
Duration: 4 hours
Partnership Event

Join us for this year's series of Contentful Partner Trainings.

The sessions will be hosted by our Senior Technical Trainer who will teach you about best practices with Contentful and how our product can fit into your architecture.

Here's a breakdown of the topics that we'll cover.


  • Market forces changing enterprise software architectures

Content Modelling

  • Topics and Assemblies

  • Localization alternatives

Delivery Architecture and APIs

  • Content Delivery architectures

  • Contentful core REST APIs and SDKs

  • GraphQL

  • Demo of Static Site Generation using Contentful, Gatsby and Netlify

Extending Contentful

  • UI Extensions

  • Webhooks

Web App and Content Authoring

  • Roles and permissions

  • Content Moderation Workflow deep dive using custom content types, roles and permissions and webhooks

  • Scheduled publishing

Content as Code

  • Environments and CI/CD best practices

  • Content migration CLI

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Jim Ambras
Manager of Training Delivery
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