Partnership Event

Personalisation & AI driven optimisation training

The Frosmo Platform enables fast and easy implementation of personalized customer journeys on top of any CMS or e-commerce platform. Join us to learn how this solution works with Contentful.
28 February 2019
12:00 CET
Duration: 1 hour
Partnership Event

Curious abour the agenda? Just have a look below.

What is Frosmo

  • What we've seen with organizations using Contentful

  • Frosmo position and business case

Content strategist and editor

  • Considering audiences when creating content

Marketing/ ecommerce manager

  • Personalized customer journeys

  • AI driven optimization

Service designer use cases

  • Hypothesis driven development

  • Gradual front-end renewal

Key takeaways

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Riikka Helkkula
Platform Training Manager
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