A toolbox for 10X editors

Escape tedious CMS chores and departmental gridlock. The web app empowers editors to create unique content on any platform, in record time, and independently of the IT department.

More than a text editor.

A beautiful web app built for authoring all types of content - text, location, dates, collections, JSON snippets, and more.
Contentful's editor interface

Pick a language. Or two.

Publishing in multiple languages is stressful, but granular locale settings help you launch on time, every time.
Locales are used to support content in multiple languages

Grow with confidence.

The default roles and access rights keep your content safe and team members productive at every stage of your business journey.
Roles and permissions gives different users different level of access to a space in Contentful

Flexible content modeling.

Create custom content types, pick and choose individual fields, and arrange entries in flexible hierarchies.
Structure your content exactly as you want using Contentful