Entry editor sidebar


The entry editor sidebar in Contentful

The entry editor sidebar is where you can view and change the status of your entry; create, assign and view pending tasks; view the list of other entries that link to the current entry; manage translations and versions; and more. This article explains the different features available.


The Actions button (the ellipsis button) gives you additional options for your entry. These are as follows:

  • Create new: Create a new entry of the same type as the one you are currently editing.

  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the entry you are currently editing.

  • Delete: Delete the entry you are editing. This cannot be undone!



There are four statuses for an entry. These are as follows:

  • Draft: The entry has not been published. It can only be seen by those who have access to the space it is located in.

  • Published: The entry is published and live. It can be seen and accessed outside of the Contentful space.

  • Archived: The entry has been unpublished. It can only be seen and accessed by those who have access to the space it is located in. We advise arching entries, instead of deleting them, because you never know when you might need to go back to something later.

  • Changed: The entry has unpublished changes. It can still be seen and accessed outside of the Contentful space, but the changes will not be shown until they are published.

Tip: Publishing an entry makes it public and accessible by anyone, even viewers outside of your space. You can undo this at any time by unpublishing the entry.


The tasks section is where you can view and create tasks that must be completed for an entry before it can be published.

Creating new tasks

  1. Click the Create new task link.

  2. Enter what task you'd like to have completed.

  3. Select a user to assign the task to from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click the blue Create task button to finish.

The task will be listed in the Tasks section of the sidebar, and the entry cannot be published until it is marked as complete.


An assigned task

Meanwhile, the user you assigned the task to will receive an email notification. In the web app, a notification will appear over their user icon. Clicking the icon will open the user profile menu, where they can access their list of pending tasks.


This user has a pending task, as indicated by the orange notification


A list of linked entries

In the Links section, you will find a list of all entries that link to the entry you are currently editing. This is how you keep track of content throughout your space: by linking an entry to another entry, you can reuse content over and over again without having to create it from scratch each time. The list is automatically generated by Contentful: as more content is linked, the list of related entries will automatically update.


The Translation section in the sidebar allows you to manage the localizations of your entry. The languages available to you in this section depend on the locales that have been set up for your space. See the Locales section for more information.


The Users section lists which users are viewing or editing the current entry. When more than one person works on an entry, you will see a popup next to the field the other person is currently editing.


An entry with a field being edited by another user in Contentful


The Comments tab allows you to collaborate with members of your space by leaving comments on an entry. It lets you keep track of relevant conversations within the entry itself.


Comments in the entry editor


The Info tab displays technical information about an entry. While primarily aimed at developers, here is where you can find information such as the entry description, the entry ID, the date it was created, as well as when it was last updated (and by whom).