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About Revise

The Revise app enables you to bulk edit content in Contentful — you can run content operations on any number of entries from a single dashboard. Revise improves efficiency of developers, but also empowers editors to make changes without having to have access to developers.

Example of problems Revise solves

For editors:

  • Publishing all entries that are in draft status
  • Archiving all entries written before a certain date
  • Populating a field that got added to a content type
  • Fixing a typo or replacing text in all entries at once

For developers:

  • Changing the id of a content type field without losing any data
  • Resetting your space to an empty state by deleting all entries
  • Doing a search and replace across all entries
  • Adding new field based on data of another field


Revise can be tested for free for 30 days. After that you will need to create an account and buy a license at


Revise supports granular filtering, find and edit exactly the content that you need Add any number of operations in one run. From (un)publishing entries to doing search and replace Report at the end of the process provides a summary of operations performed


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