Find the best fit

Pricing is based on the number of spaces and users you need, plus a platform fee. We can help your organization choose the best setup for your project and budget.

What’s a space?

Spaces host the content powering your apps, websites and digital products. They're where your team stores assets, defines their storage structure, and authors new entries. You can map spaces to a team, a project, or a category within a larger collection of content.

Digital teams collaborate in spaces to power the content of their digital products. Combine multiple spaces to enable projects and teams of different sizes.
Add users to your team as you grow. Accounts include 10 free users, after that it’s $15 per user per month.
For mission critical projects and customer requirements, upgrade to the enterprise-grade platforms.
Developers, deploy your first app in 5 minutes. The first space is free.
Fill 9Sample app
Fill 9SDKs for 8 languages
Fill 91 free Micro space
Fill 910 free users