Pay as you grow

We offer spaces for all types of use cases, from single page apps, to campaign websites, mobile apps, etc. Below are some of our more popular ones.

Micro Space

For teams working on single-purpose sites, mobile apps and IoT
1 role
2 locales
24 content types
5,000 records
39 / month

Large Space

For teams shipping complex apps and working with multilingual content
4 roles
10 locales
48 content types
50,000 records
879 / month

Enterprise-Grade Spaces

For organization-wide use and teams producing content at scale.
More roles
More locales
More content types
More records

Each account includes 10 free users. Additional users are $15/user/month.

You can provision these — and a few additional spaces — in the web app. For enterprise-grade spaces, please reach out to us.

The use of Contentful is subject to our Fair Use policy.