Compose + Launch: Product Release Announcement

Recorded on
March 16, 2021
26 minutes

Content is at the heart of great digital experiences. However, building those digital experiences at scale is often difficult. We are excited to announce Compose + Launch, two apps that empower content creators, editors and planners to efficiently adapt and schedule content for delivery across channels without technical support from developers. 

In this release announcement video, Dina Apostolou, VP of Product Marketing, and Andrew Kumar, Director of Platform Strategy, provide a short walkthrough of Compose + Launch and showcase what the apps mean for Contentful customers. Learn how  Compose’s simplified interface enables teams to manage web pages without sacrificing the power of structured content, and how to use the workflow states in Launch to improve collaboration.

Key takeaways:

  • How digital builders are coming together to create compelling digital experiences

  • How Compose enables faster time to value, independence, error reduction and seamless content reuse

  • How Launch enables scalability, visibility and flexibility

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